Monday, March 29, 2010


Pop will eat itself:
Hence, T-shirts with wry slogans
About wry t-shirts

care of Siobhan Adcock.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kindered souls

i would totally have bought this tshirt if it wasnt $270 and i wasn't going to london in a week. $270 is approximately 21 hours of work at my work. that's more than a whole week of working for $270... aren't we glad we have credit cards. it's going to suck when i have to pay for things in pounds. and its going to suck even more when i have to pay for things in euros wahh.

so what exciting things have happened this week:
my cat has successfully dismantled two roles of toilet paper which i stupidly thought were far enough out of his reach. remainders of these are currently spread around my house in little pieces which i cant quite be bothered dealing with due to the absence of a vacuum and the presence of the less efficent 'carpet sweeper'.
i have successfully learnt how to say 'my favourite colour is' 'my favourite tshirt is' 'my favourite season is' (etc) in german. i also conveniently attended the 'leiblingsfarbe' (favourite colour) class in my brightest most incredibly colourful jumper that i have ever seen or owned and thus was victim of the 'examples' 'what colours is mary wearing' for the entire lesson and now everyone knows my name and i dont know theirs. i also was victim to the next class of discussing who 'ist klein' ie small. at least it wasnt who 'ist dick'. schmutzig means dirty i think it's a better word for dirty than dirty i dont know why we didnt keep it.
someone in german thought i was 'still a teenager' (who obviously was 18 and straight out of highschool because the first question he asked me was what high school do you go to and i was like (well i didnt say this i told him the answer but) you cant categorise me by my highschool anymore because it was 3 years ago!) and was shocked and disappointed to find out that i was NOT a teenager but a 20 year old. it's depressing
i also had a highschool student ask me where i got my shoes from today. i felt good when i told her they were from london and no she could never buy them online because they are 'vintage' aka were a rip off and dont quite fit me properly. it felt good except for that she was some random highschool student. and it was also a bit awkward because just before she had started talking to me i had shoved about half a sushi role into my mouth.
is it normal for other cyclists to talk to you while you're riding down the road? i would lean towards that it's not, and that it's wierd and a bit awkward. but apparently not. it's happened to me twice in 2 days at hte same random intersection for no reason people starting conversations wiht things like 'nice bike' or 'good weather isnt it' and then preceeding to ask me where i'm going, what i'm doing etc and then seeming offended when i ride off to go to do what i was doing.

so the things i've realised about my life are: my boyfriend looks like the guy in the background of this photo!/photo.php?pid=3543963&op=3&o=global&view=global&subj=502615419&id=658016493
(i have not mastered how to insert a link here yet properly)
and also that his brother looks like that photo i put up under the title 'boyfriend' but infact jason schwartzman is not my boyfriend and my boyfriend doesnt look like jason schwartzman. i also have realised that another person i find incredibly attractive looks extremely a lot like a friend of mine who died a few years ago and i really miss and this is probably the single reason i find him so attractive, except i only realised it just recently. thanks a bunch subconscience.
so i bought some marc jacobs mouse flats off ebay. they were my exact size. they DO fit me.. except they're a little bit small. i mean well, so i also bought drmartins and they're a little bit on the small ish side too awhile ago, and whenever i wear them they make my heels hurt, so i was wearing those shoes the day my mouse flats came in the post but i really wanted to wear my mouse flats so i wore them and then because my feet already hurt it made them DIE but i blame the docs not the mouseflats. and then i waited for them to heal a bit and they werent quite healed but i thought 'oh well' and wore hte mouseflats to uni and then my FEET STARTED BLEEDING. so i had to stuff the backs of my shoes with toilet paper and looked like a freak.
and so i havent worn them since. i dont know whether i should try my luck again and see if they really are that small for me or if i should try and make my feet get used to them. i want to keep them so much! but i oculd get a fair few $$$$ for them on ebay.. also i should probably sell my docs too, they're the real problem, i hope. i wish you would 'loose weight' in your feet and make them smaller.
ALSO I'M GOING TO LONDON ON THURSDAY. i am probably going to die or come very close to nearly being murdered at some stage in this trip. it will be fun. i can tell my grandchildren if i ever get that far in life.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

end times

these photos by jill greenberg are incredible. i'm not really an art person but if i was going to say that i liked some kind of art this would be it. apparently she made them cry by giving them lollies and taking them away which apparently by lots of lame americans was considered extremely unethical. big deal kids cry all the time and she's captured it excellently. what is a let down about this exhibition (from 2006) is it's some anti some time of american politics political statement. i had forgotten about them until tonight when i rediscovered them. they are so interesting!

i love pictures that are just simple photos of peoples faces when they dont really know the photo is being taken.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

fair, free publication, punk rock

I went to a 'zine fair' today. the above picture was without doubt the best thing that i acquired from the lovely little event. i dont really know how i feel about 'zines'. 90% percent of people in the world who arent punkrock (which i most certainly am not) have no idea what a zine is and therefore trying to explain it makes you sound like a wanky exclusive elitist jerk and defeats the purpose of the thing in the first place, or so i have found thus far anyway.

they are truly excellent things - in theory. finding a good free diy publication is one of the most excellent and entertaining things you can do, but it is SO dificult. you have to sift through so much shit that people have produced for no apparent reason to find the one excellent thing you know has to be somewhere in the pile.

good zines are people who just write about their life, normally and honestly; in a fashion that isnt completely self indulgent (not too much emotion in there) kind of like a short story but true. it is so interesting to read about someones daily mundane life, or it can be - i think you can make anything interesting if you are a good writer and some of the zines i've read, in my opinion, were far better written than a number of books i've read, or tried to read. but IT IS A RARITY.

so today there were lots of awkward little indy zine writing hipsters with equally awkward sales pitches for their $2 mini books. someone pointed out to me the issue of whether it was socially inappropriate to choose to 'put back' something from a table of free zines. i would say that it probably is.

i was sold the above picture from an attractive young syndey man who sympathised with my bland-wall but no $$ issue of decorating my house. i LOVE pity discounts, i got 4 pictures and 2 magnets for $10, instead of 3 pictures and NO magnets for $15. i also bought one zine called 'foxes in a supermarket' about some guy who worked at woolworths or something that had the potential to be interesting and then i was over my $10 budget by a long way so that was the end of the zine spending spree. i took some free things so atleast i wont feel bad if i throw those away because theyre usually free for a reason, sometimes. i always feel like i'm stealing whenever i get something - anything, even if someone buys me dinner or something - for free. it's a nasty feeling. or when you walk guiltily past the hand bag checking person in JB without showing your bag even though you havent stolen anything.