Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i like you really

"i like you really" the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me, in englisch.

how to be unproductive: buy a macbook. 

Best jumper ever; makes me look quite ambiguously giant but that doesn't matter because it has 'australian cockatoos' on it. my mum used to wear gross things like that in the 80s. i am turning into her. although i bet she would have done all of her assignments (badly and with lots of spelling errors - they didnt have the internet or microsoft word then, who am i kidding though mine aren't going to be any good either) about a week before they were due. i still have six thousand words to go and they are due tomorrow and i have a test tomorrow too so i can't do them tomorrow because i'll be doing the stupid test.  university is stupid.

also here's another little excellent piece of advice: dont fall asleep (/passout) next to, or put your heater on your bed where you might fall asleep, or get very comfortable next to a heater or probably just don't go anywhere near heaters, if you're somewhat intoxicated because your body may fail to awaken you as your skin is incinerating and you may wake up with a big fat electricity bill and big fat burnt legs!

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