Sunday, September 5, 2010

father's day

Today is fathers day = hospitality nightmare. Never as bad as mother's day though, nothing could be. I hate children in restaurants they are terrifying there were at least three small children who i nearly trod on today and their parents were just watching like 'haha yeah that's my child there walking under your feet where you might kill him isn't he lovely'. i have a new job in a restaurant that i believe that hopefully HOPEFULLY there will never be any children because it's too expensive and nice and there is an unwritten law about taking children into that kind of nice place. yay. stupid happy people and their happy families.
I really need to stop posting about things that I want to buy on the internet because normally i'd just get distracted and forget that I ever wanted them but if I put a picture of it up it's like a personal reminder that that is something that I want that I don't have and THAT is why I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY. I blame you, internet, for all of my problems. Having said that though this was a very highly recommended and practical purchase if ever i have made one:

I said a few weeks ago that the only thing i needed to complete my life was a drivers license. Well that's great: i got one. and Then I was allowed alone in a car and it turns out I'm a bad driver and I drove into a parked car GREAT. and it also turns out that my insurance excess is a thousand dollars great as well. The most painful thing is calling the insurance company and they've given me the wrong reference number like 5 times so basically what happens is every time i call (five times) they're like 'whats your name blah blah' and 'what happened'.. 'oh you've had an accident' me: no i hit a parked car 'oh how did that happen' me: the car was parked and i hit it 'ok so you've hit a stationary object then' YES. i hit a parked car it was my fault I ALREADY UNDERSTAND THAT because i have a brain (even though i did hit a parked car so maybe fair enough for thinking im an idiot). etc.

My life would be considerably better if it was summer (or regular spring weather) right now. that 'yay it's spring' post was totally unfounded, it's been colder ever since it actually got to spring than it was when it was still officially winter. i am sorry that i am genuinely concerned with the weather i think that means i've become a substantially boring person.

Life issues currently include that my nails are falling apart. this has never ever happened to me before. they just keep breaking and they are all liney! it's gross! i've never really been the type of person who cares very much about nails but they barely get longer than the end of my finger. i hope it doesn't mean i have cancer or anything. because i don't have the most nutritious diet but its been fairly equally unnutritious for the last few years and this nail problem has only occurred recently.

another issue: i'm turning 21 (in a few months) this is upsetting and further concerns include the issue of whether/whether not how/how not to have a party. i dont want my parents to come because i don't want them to make speeches and i also dont want them to hear any speeches my friends might make it would just be too many worlds colliding. so i can't really ask them to pay for anything. I also don't want no one to come! but then I cant really be bothered accommodating a lot of people i don't really care about. But i cant afford dinner or anything for the people i do care about because there are a few too many. WHATADILEMMA. I dont want a joint party or a house party but i do want something. I'm thinking best option: 'meet me for drinks at (some pub that will be busy)' and then no one will know whose there for me and whose there for the pub that i don't actually know! I had always decided that this was the year if i turned 21 and i still wasn't happy with my life i'd really have to think about doing something about it but it's not really turned out how i would have imagined it to.

It was hard rubbish week last week and i saw a trampoline near my house at about 1am i was planning on getting it the next morning but when i went past it was already gone! Now i have this wonderful trampoline ideal summer times bouncing around in the back yard concept stuck in my mind and i'm actually considering trying to buy one or something. they are so much fun! i dont really know where or how you'd go about doing such a thing though.

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