Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crisis of Finances

Bloody financial crisis. It was the best thing I’d ever heard of when we got free money from K Rudd (I somehow managed to attain two separate payments of free money too) and now it’s the worst. People only hire people with experience but I don’t understand how you’re supposed to ever get experience if you can only get a job when you have experience. How hard can it be to get a job in a call centre? Not very hard? It’s not a very good job. I can’t understand why there would be that many people who wanted to work there but apparently thanks to our friend ‘financial crisis’ there are.

I kind of enjoy that pretty much anything that happens that is bad can somehow be related back to the financial crisis. Michael Jackson dead, went broke, played too many shows, had a heart attack, financial crisis.

I would rather hire a 19 year old than a 40 year old. I would rather buy something over the phone from a 19 year old who wanted a job in a call centre than from a 40 year old in a call centre who couldn’t get a job anywhere else in their full forty years of life experience. But apparently not.

I think I’m going to invest in a car park. They must make so much money and they don’t even have any staff they just need to buy some building and some machines that dispense tickets and money and that’s it, practically a money tree. If I had a building I would make it into a car park. Although I guess owning an office building is kind of like owning a car park but for people so maybe that would be a good idea too. You’d have to hire cleaners for that though and that would probably be more expensive than owning a car park. Unless the office people had to hire them, I think that’s fair, it’s their own mess. But you’d still have to get someone to clean all the windows and car parks don’t have any windows.

I like how when you go outside, say if you work in some crap hospitality job like me where you have to be there by 6 30 am and its still dark outside, there are all these council cleaning people everywhere. And they’re doing really random jobs like cleaning in between the pavers and scraping chewing gum off things and there’s the lucky person who gets to ride the cleaner-like-a-lawnmower machine thing and there are so many of them and you wonder how long they’ve been there since if it’s 6 30am now and they must have to finish soon because as soon as it’s daylight they all disappear and if they go and do other cleaning jobs somewhere else or if they go back to jail or what.

Sorry about the run on sentence paragraph.

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