Monday, February 1, 2010

Purchase: cat.

So living alone finally drove me to the point of insanity that it has driven thousands of other lonely cat-ladies before and i became overwhelmed by the impulsive desire to purchase a cat.

My original plan was to buy one of those hairless cats:

As incredibly ugly as they are charming. I just really have a problem with those people whose houses you go to and get everything covered in cat hair. it's disgusting but i dont think i'd have the diligence to constantly be cleaning enough to avoid becoming one of those people myself, unfortunately these cats' pricing starts around $2000. so that was the end of that plan.

Plan B: more fur, less expensive, a breed called Devon Rex, which are basically just as ugly and wrinkly as the sphynx cats except for being completely completely naked they have a little bit of furr, except they have completely weird retarded whiskers which the breeder i bought my cat from had cut off!

only $550. Not really a bargain, had to drive about 2 hours out into the middle of nowhere to find this weird woman's house with all her weird cats. So far he has destoryed my half completed puzzle, tissues, books, shredded anything shreddable, shower curtain, christmas tree but not my gold fish yet. he also scratched my face. i have no regrets.

he is not hugely intelligent.

but he is very entertaining.
and when i get tired of him or evicted from my house for having a pet i'm sure my mum will have him!

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