Tuesday, August 14, 2012

deal breakers cont.

other deal breakers also include:

not liking seinfeld

liking the simpsons better than seinfeld

not buying ones own underwear/socks (this also is connected with not doing own washing but if you're getting to that point in your decisions you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel with that guy because he's probably already broken about 50 deals)

being a vegan (vegetarian is also not good but can be wavered depending on how militant the person is about it)

wearing novelty tshirts

not liking children (as much as i say i don't like children, men who don't like children are usually not the best)

asking to split the bill on the first date (it's ok to agree to it but you should always offer to pay first, at least on the first date when you're trying to convince the other person that you're a decent person)


  1. show you the moon and you are looking at my finger

  2. - I have been much more exposed to the simpsons than seinfeld so cant really be unbiased on that. but id rather watch 'curb..' than the simpsons.

    - dont think i could ever be a vegan even if that supposed having a very fit scandinavian gf who would reward me in excess if i gave up my carnivore status

    -some novelty tshirts are great.. an example: http://okei.is/?product=anarchy-in-the-uk-t-shirt

    - it is not that i dont like children but cant stand the ones shrieking in the building courtyard as if it is a fucking kindergarten playground.

    - first date should always be 50-50 as the guy does not know if he is getting a second date, why should his pocket suffer a greater harm?.. more so when he presents her with a little gift :)

  3. presents are creepy you are a deal breaker.

  4. yea apparently they are should have saved myself the bother and a few euros