Thursday, August 23, 2012

Red flags (it's a fine line)

These qualities indicate that you should be careful because this person is probably a scrub. or a bad person or someone you're not going to get along with very well. When not existing in great quantities they can however be overlooked and also overruled by positive things like getting jokes or being good looking. There is a very fine line between red flags and deal breakers and they are all relative to the context of the situation and whether or not the guy has a dog.

using too many emoticons and or abbreviations (emoji is somewhat excluded from this though)

not having a top sheet

talking badly about other girls (they will inevitably speak the same way about you)

bad skin (if it's bad on the face it's probably bad other places too...)

balding (that shit's not going to get any better)

using the word 'boobies' at any point

not liking animals

not liking cats (liking cats too much can also be problematic)

liking everything/everyone i.e. being unrealistically positive and thus making me feel like a horrible negative person which actually i don't think i am - i'm just realistic

bad shoes

bad jeans

not having a phone

talking about doing things that they never actually do (actually this should probably be a deal breaker) - you know those people who are always 'going overseas in six months' always

people who make you feel shit for not knowing as much about some random shit thing they happen to know heaps about

people whose ex(es) looks like you

people who look like your ex(es)


not understanding sarcasm

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