Sunday, August 12, 2012

Five Seven Five

Reading Naked Lunch
At an open air party
Don’t be a cliché

Moved to Berlin and
Dyed my hair carnation pink
I am a cliché

Every boy I like
Who is the most beautiful
Definitely gay

Buy a club mate
Only wear vintage clothing
Never learn German

I love club mate
I only wear vintage clothes
I don’t speak German

I need a boyfriend
With a motor bike and dog
Friend is ok too

Even if you’re cool
Yellow and black together
Look like a street sign

All of the people
Find dogs indoors normal
I don’t understand

If you love glitter
You have probably taken

I will judge you by
How much information is
On your facebook page

Really want a cat
But they live too long, would be

Life changing advice:
Always the second cheapest
Available option

Boys who have Tumblrs
Are usually a little
Bit maladjusted

If you are ugly
And you want to look better
You should grow a beard

Parents worked out Skype
Because they’re really stingy
Still can’t use email


Deal breakers include
Abbreviations in texts
Bad skin and bad shoes

Beer is the best drink
Not because it tastes so good
But because it’s cheap

If you have a dog
I will overlook at least
One whole deal breaker

Sorry for being
Negative, actually I’m
Just being honest

Best way to get over
Still not having a girlfriend
Is getting a bike

Most happy people
Are in my own opinion

I like the canal
The swans are kind of scary
But I still feed them

It makes me happy
When people look like their pets
Especially dogs

Bike riding is good
Most of the time except for
Uphill, then I walk

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